Reviews and Testimonials

You will NEVER find a service that will take care of your things better than DFW Laundry! The owner is awesome, the customer service is impeccable, & the laundry comes back clean, folded, AND hung! Any time I am in the area, this will be the ONLY place I'll call for laundry service!


I've used the wash and fold laundry service and was very impressed.  The laundry was done beautifully and the shirts were on HANGERS! That was amazing and a wonderful extra touch.  I had occasion to speak with the owner and was again, impressed. He took the time to speak with me, make sure I was completely happy with the service.  He cares about his customers and his business.


This place is a lifesaver! I have a bad habit of letting my clothes pile up to a point of no return. Once a quarter, I take a huge laundry bag full of clothes and use the wash & fold service here. This place is affordable and they do an excellent job. All of my clothes are washed, dried, hung and folded within the day. I'm not even sure how much it cost per pound, but I've never spent more than $40 on my entire wardrobe.

           -An Allen Resident

This placed saved me hundreds of $!!! Another laundry place close by ruined my all white comforter with black marks on the edges and smudges from the dryer oil.  I brought it here on a wish and a prayer. Less than 16 hours later it was spotless and smelled heavenly. For $15. For a really dirty all white king thick comforter.  $15 people!!!! If you have anything you want or need laundered WELL-go here!!


We were moving recently and were in a pinch on laundry with 3 kiddos and no access to washer & dryer and limited time available to visit a laundry mat and do our own laundry. So, I looked these guys up and the reviews were outstanding. They were close enough to us that I decided to give them a try. HOLY COW! Unreal customer service. We dropped off 171l bs. of dirty laundry and it was ready within 24 hours. They even helped me unload all of the laundry from my SUV. The owner is terrific. I cannot recommend these guys strongly enough. They have to be the best at what they do.