Residential Laundry & Dry Cleaning Serving The Dallas Metroplex

Our goal is to exceed your expectations while simplifying your life. Leave your laundry and dry cleaning to us.  We'll pick it up, wash or dry clean your clothes to your specifications and deliver it back to you at your desired location no extra charge.  


Wash & Fold

DFW Laundry is here to help give time back to you and eliminate the chore of doing laundry. Whether it’s your home or office, we can come to you and pick up your dirty laundry, and within 48 hours we will return it to you at the same location, clean, folded and ready to be put away.


Dry Cleaning

Our services include professional pre-spotting, cleaning and expert finishing of each garment. We offer a variety of dry cleaning services including regular garment cleaning, leather and suede cleaning, formal wear cleaning and wedding gown cleaning.

About DFW Laundry Services

DFW Linen & Laundry Services (DFWLLS) is a locally owned corporation in the heart of North Dallas providing commercial and residential laundry services to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 


We begin with a commitment to excellent service, the ability to customize your specific needs by offering a choice of handling and care options that you want. Our trained laundry professionals are taught to treat each and every load of laundry like we would treat our own, so you can feel confident knowing the very best care is being taken with your clothes.

Contact Us

We begin with a commitment to excellent service, the ability to customize your specific needs. Please call, email or download or app DFW Laundry

PHONE NUMBER: 972.430.2455



What Our Customers Are Saying

You will NEVER find a service that will take care of your things better than DFW Laundry! The owner is awesome, the customer service is impeccable, & the laundry comes back clean, folded, AND hung! Any time I am in the area, this will be the ONLY place I'll call for laundry service!

—  Angela